An Overview of My Interests.

With a shiny new blog, and an exciting new hobby impending, I feel that a logical and prudent place to begin would be to discuss my interests within my chosen field – Computer Science.

Firstly, some foundational concepts; I am currently, have always been, and fully intend to continue being a colossal nerd. This fact is one which is immediately obvious to both those who already know me, and those who have only just met me alike. It is a personality trait of which I am proud, unapologetic, and an advocate for.

Within Computing, I am above all else fascinated by cryptography; the elegant mathematics underlying it, along with the conceptual genius behind its core functions have long since enticed my interest. I am particularly enamoured by the idea of very strong encryption using minimal computational power i.e. high-efficiency encryption. In a world where one finds it ever-harder to maintain control of their own information, I am keen to embrace my own technical skills in order to provide less technologically adept individuals with easy, convenient, and above all free data-privacy tools. I firmly believe that individual privacy is an unassailable human right, and find the mass collection of user data by big tech companies for the sake of advertising troubling - I therefore strive to enable widespread access to privacy-preserving software.

Besides cryptography, I am very interested in the direction that RISC is heading, with open source projects such as RISC-V showing great potential for a multitude of applications, from high-efficiency embedded systems, to more general purpose low-energy consumption computing. I am excited to see what mainstream RISC-based solutions will be coming onto the market in the next few years.

I, of course, have other interests within other niches, but what I have discussed here covers the chief among them.

Thank you for reading!